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Installation,  Maintenance and Repairs our staff performs:

Construction crew  installs supplemental aerators to this treatment lagoon for performance enhancement.

Staff  installs a 2,000 foot dike around a treatment lagoon for additional capacity.

Operators maintain an  irrigation pump station that  provides 1,500 gallons per minute of reclaimed wastewater for irrigation purposes to a 274 acre office park and the community’s park district athletic fields

Our staff operates a typical fire/irrigation pump station.  Each one has an electric pump and a diesel pump which is capable of  pumping 3,000 gallons per minute. 

The maintenance crew  changes  the tire on this center pivot irrigation rig which uses reclaimed wastewater to irrigate a 17 acre field.

Town and Country Utilities personnel operates aeration/blower rooms such as this one operated for over 20 years.

The maintenance department maintains all mechanical equipment for a fountain located in a large office park.